This web site is dedicated to the dissemination of engineering ethics case studies and supporting resources for students and faculty of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia.

The site primarily features cases that have been researched by students, with faculty support from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Darden School of Graduate Business Administration.

This web site consists of a collection of cases that focus on ethical considerations in the early stages of the invention and design process, rather than as aftermath of a completed design. Because of the growing use of cases in engineering courses, and because it is difficult to separate out design issues from those in ethics and in the environment, we are developing cases that encourage students to think imaginatively about design in light of the increasing concern for the environment and other issues that will be challenging to them in their work as engineers. We hope to produce engineers who will be better able to make ethical decisions about creating and marketing new technologies.

These cases can only be accessed and use through the Darden School of Business.

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